Artist JANICE GAY MAKER is widley known for her brilliant use of color. Working in both oil paint and oil pastel, she creates lively, passionate vistas from observation in the natural landscape. Janice is often outside, at work - composing plein air paintings. . . but can also be found in her working studio at the d'Art Center in downtown Norfolk, Virginia.

Born and educated in Boston, Janice received her BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art. Since 1992 she has worked as a full-time artist from her studio at the d’Art Center in downtown Norfolk, and has exhibited extensively throughout the area. Her passion lies in painting the landscape, in her studio or enplein air, Janice creates oil paintings & oil pastels that are infused with light and rich in color and texture, characteristics for which she is well known.

 My desire to create art began as a child and continues to this day. Though the work I produce has evolved and taken many turns over the years, my passion for color and light are elements that have remained constant. 

While taking a break after my first two years of college I studied with Painter Robert Arthur who had been a student of the Cape Code School of Art. I credit Arthur with giving me the color training that I have become so well known for.

In 1992 I opened my studio in Norfolk. It was at this time a shift began from using Oils and Soft Pastels to Oil Pastels and exploring the landscape theme.

Much of this work reflects landscapes and urban scenes, “colorative” in nature. They convey a sense of peace, tranquility and mystery, a place where one may escape. Seldom does my confront the viewer, but welcomes them in.

There is a spirit in nature that touches our senses. It makes us feel whole...it makes us feel satisfied. The dawn and the dusk hours are particularly intriguing to me as this time presents its veil of mystery. Its colors like our impressions are continually changing from moment to moment. The intent of my work is to discover the soul of the landscape. Here there is a past, present and future. 

 As an Artist I strongly believe, there is a need for my work to grow and evolve, I love having the opportunity to work “En Plein Air“, To experience the light, hear the sounds of the earth and see the real true colors of nature. These experiences make working as an Artist more complete, thus enhancing my art. 

Stop by my d’Art Center studio in Selden Arcade for a personal viewing or call for an appointment.