"Marsh Sunrise"

Much has happened since my last post in 2012 and after some "interesting" life experiences I wanted to express my gratitude to the universe. After 25 years I still paint most days and that makes me one lucky person because I get to do what I love in life.  I also get to spend those days with other artists who share the my same desires. Yes we are fortunate, but we still have our struggles and we work very hard.

This Painting "Marsh Sunrise" could be any of many wetland areas of the Southern Atlantic Coast and Caribbean Islands, I am thinking of you today who live and work along the coast. Stay safe and I hope your recovery is fast and easy.

Katie Roxs

One of my clients called a few days ago to ask if she & her friend Katie could come by to watch me paint. Katie and I had met at an earlier visit so I knew she was really interested in art.

I thought it would be more fun for all of us if Katie did her own painting. Instead of just watching me. I showed her some stuff like how to mix and apply the paint. She picked out an image to work from and in a short time this is what Katie came up with.


While Katie painted we listened to music, she likes Lady Gaga & The Black Eyed Peas (cool)! Mostly we had fun and talked about girl stuff.

C U Katie when u come back for your dry painting.

Morning Walk

I have no idea how many paintings I've done from this park call The Sheep Pasture. Its a great place to hike, ride your horse & walk your dog. I make sure I get there every time I go to Massachusetts. No matter what time of year it is I find something beautiful that catches my eye. Many of you have seen similar images but with snow on the ground,

or in summer with vivid green grasses

One of the wonders of nature is that it is always changing.

Bay Oak

It has been a long time since posting my last blog. I'm having to learn all over again.

I'm in the process of painting trees again. Its been a while for me but trees have been a favorite subject.

This bay oak is not far from my home and one I've painted with oil pastels a number of times

Plein Air in St Michaels

It's a lovely day in St Michaels and I had a chance

to paint this nice sail boat moored in a cove at

the public park near my friend Paulette's house where I am staying.

Here's an image with my set-up with my subject.

I actually had the opportunity to steer & dock the 30"sail boat (similar to this one) the previous day while sailing with my friends .

sail on

Frank Beach Crab Apple

Its been such a long time since my last blog, I almost forgot... Spring has been very slow in arriving but is here at last. I've been making attempts to get out to paint.

I had a bad fall after our one and only snow storm here in Virginia and its taking me a long time to recover.

I painted this little crab apple 2 weeks ago now its covered in buds.....yeh spring!

Pitt Street Point

8x10 oil on panel

I've been in the Charleston area since August the ninth.

This is an area with beautiful waterways and marshes.

Here's a sunset painting I did looking toward the city of Charleston.

I've had the pleasure of visiting several times and grow to love it

more with each time.

Summer Pastoral

12x16" oil on panel

This is a location i have painted many times and to me, it never looks

the same.

An artist can paint the same image every day in natural light and it

would at least look slightly different each time.

A landscape changes with the season but the light can add just as

dramatic a change as the changing season.

Never hesitate to paint the same subject again and again,

The Gazebo

8x10" oil on panel
This is The Gazebo from my childhood home in New England.
It is constructed of field stone and concrete with cast glass and
porcelain objects embedded into the columns and the roof base.
I spent countless hours at play in there. My sisters and I even
slept in it during the summer months. Its a very magical little

Barn & Silo

11x14 oil pastel on paper

This is a little demonstration I did during my last one day workshop

at the Peninsula Fine Art Center In Newport News, VA.

My objective was to demonstrate blocking in by simplifying the

composition, maintaining color values and while layering color.

Afternoon Shadows

11x14" oil on panel

In a sharp contrast to the 90 + degree temperatures we have been

having lately,

here's another winter visit to the Sheep Pasture.

Frozen Brook

8x10 oil on panel

I did this little studio painting from a photo taken last winter on

one of my New England trips.

On a hot summer day I find it refreshing to paint a winter scene with


In this painting I paid close attention to the shifting colors of the

shadowy snow.

Crepe Myrtle Morning

11x14 oil on panel

Crepe Myrtles are in bloom all over town...who can resist.

These trees are located in front of my sons elementary school he

attended all those years ago.

The Beach House

8x10 oil on panel

I was really attracted to crisp morning light and the simplicity of

this composition.