Dawn at Tillies
Sunset in the Hills
"The Oak"
A Place in Summer
Up Route 13
February's Tree
"Stillness of the Marsh"
In The Dunes
Dance of the Oak
Morning in Maine
Morning in the Dunes
Walking in the Garden
A Day in the Mountains
First Light on the Meadow
The Great Pumpkin Patch
Sending A Letter
7PM in August
Moon of November
Fruit Tree
Early in the Morning
Cowboy & Indians
Morning Walk
Spring Tree
Live Oak
Once There Was A Way To Get Home
Bridge in Spring
Bridge in Afternoon
Light on the Bridge
Ship Yard Work
Calm of September
Passing Storm
Bridge in Morning
Nestled Sun Rising
Sunrise After the Storm
Morning Fog
 Dusk on the Bay
Cloudy Day on the Bay
The Sound
Stormy Sunday
Autumns Approach
Early One Spring
Old Terminal
Museum of Art
Hell's Kitchen
Stella Maris with Palms II
Cowboys & Indians
Mountain Song
"Peanut Warehouse"
"Rubens in the Garden"
As Summer Begins
Stormy Sunrise
"Take To The Water"
"Turtle Nirvana"
"Greenhouse Shed"
"Mowed Field"
"Sunrise Along the Coast"
Duck and Moon
"Autumn Along The Nansemond"
"Bee & Blossom"
"1972 Super Beetle"
"Golden Field of Autumn"
"After The Harvest"
"Autumn Walk"
"Ship Yard Work ll"
"Chinese Takeout"
"Smooth Dog Cafe"
"Amy's Super Beetle"
"After The Harvest"
"Farm Stand"
"Lion Fountain"
"A Day On The Nansemond"
"Nick's Stateline"
"Beach Day Ending"
"Back Bay Hummock"
"Bridge Over The Hague"
"Crepe Myrtle Prominade"
"Sea Oak"
"Chincoteague Bay"
"At 23rd & Moon"
"A New Day Begins"
"More Snow On The Way"
"Hazy Morning"
"Friendship Pond"
"Mist On The Foliage"
"Sailing School"
"Vineyard At Dawn"
"Carolla Light"
"Under A Lemon Yellow Sky"
"Amy's Super Beetle"
"Under A Lemon Yellow Sky"
"Train Trestle"
"Crepe Myrtle & Cat O Nine Tails"
"Fog In The Morning"
"Hague Bridge"
"Crepe Myrtle Light"
"Walking The Gardens"
Thunderhead Over The Beach"
"Spring Song"
"A Country Martin House"
"Bridge for Barbara"
"The Scarlet Trace"
"Sprucing Up The Tea Room"
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