"Little Red Boat House"
"The Tide"
Corner Of W Onley And Granby"
"Jollification Of The Trees"
"Illuminated Garden'
"A Summer's Childhood"
"Moon Gate"
"Waterside Dock"
'Morning Reflections"
"Cresent Moon Over Hummock"
"Mountain View"
"Wild Flowers Galore"
'Monday In The Garden"
"A Green Pasture"
"Cross Country Skiing"
"Hummock at Sunset"
"Early In Spring"
"Hummock with Crescent Moon"
 8x10", oil on panel, $200.00
"Marsh In Autumn"
"Farm Road"
"Biltmore Garden Gate"
Pleasure House Point Dawn'
"Beach House"
"Morning In February"
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